Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Book Store!!! - An Update!

First I apologize to all for not keeping current on my book reviews. I am quite behind and hope to spend some time catching up soon. The combination of working full-time and spending as much available time as possible on the store isn't leaving much time for sleep or anything else! It's all good, tho! Things are so exciting now that we have a space and can work towards renovating and setting up the store! We have a name --- Never Without A Book Ltd. --- and are finally making progress on a logo. Feel free to check out our page on Facebook! We'd love to see you there and hope you will become a fan! Updates appear there periodically, mostly from a sleep deprived brain, so not a lot of details yet. My regular job is closing it's doors soon, and I've cut back my hours in order to spend more time with the store. If you're in the Edmonton area...I do hope you'll stop in and see us once we open! I'll get back to my reviewing soon...promise! ;)

1 comment:

Luanne said...

How exciting!! I'll be watching for the grand opening! Might not make it to Edmonton though. LOL