Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Never Without A Book Ltd. (the store)

I'm excited to say we are now open! It's been a very busy time getting the store set up and getting all the books on the shelves, and we're still working hard at that. We still have boxes of books to go, but opened our doors anyway. One of our most exciting events lately was the addition of our bookstore cats! (Rodent control...I like to say! ;)) Shakespeare and Rembrandt were strays we adopted from the SPCA. They are both very laid back and have adapted well to their new home at the bookstore. That's them in the attached pictures. Rembrandt is an orange and white longhair who loves to climb anything. Shakespeare is the cream ginger longhair who loves to be petted and held. We're hearing lots of good comments from our customers so far and looking forward to many happy years in this location. If you're ever in Edmonton, look us up!

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