Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Takes A Hero by Elizabeth Boyle

The beginning of this one started a little slow, but once all the characters found each other, it moved along quite quickly and satisfyingly with a little humour on the side. I enjoyed it and will be looking for other books by Elizabeth Boyle. This is apparently one of a series of books about the Danvers family, although it also works as a stand-alone book. I enjoyed it enough to want to read more of the Danvers family tree.

Rafe is not your modern day investigator, but investigating is what he does. And that is the reason he gets drawn into searching out the mysterious author of the 'Miss Darby' books. He's frustrated because this seeminly nonsensical task is interfering with a murder investigation which promises to bring him a sizeable sum if he can uncover who the culprit is. And being in somewhat dire financial straits, he could really use that money. The payment for finding the author turns out to be to attractive to refuse, however, and besides, who can refuse one of the leading ladies of English Society!

The characters are well portrayed and diverse. I especially enjoyed the humourous antics of Colonel Posthill, and the crotchety Mrs Wortling. I always like being as surprised as the characters when I find out who-dun-it when they do.

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