Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

What a twist this one turned out to be! I found it a bit slow getting started, but once it did, I was totally absorbed. Can you imagine??? What thoughts would be going through your mind if you woke up one day and your family was gone! Vanished in the night! How would that affect you? That's what happened to Fourteen-year old Cynthia Bigge. Then twenty-five years later, she's married with a daughter of her own, and the events of her past are coming back to haunt her. She participates in a Cold Case type TV show and odd things start to happen. Is she losing her mind? Is she somehow behind these events? Or is it something else altogether. You'll just have to read it to find out! I definitely enjoyed the different twists this one took and if you like a good mystery, you will too!

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