Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kopek The Destroyer: Causes of Indigestion for a Wolfy Puppy by Phil Owens

"Phil and the wife somehow fill their recently renovated new house with animals. They start with two rabbits, they then acquire a guinea pig, next along comes Tim, their grouchy 15 year old Border collie. After two more rabbits, they somehow end up owning a cat.
When Tim goes to the great field in the sky, They decide to get a puppy. Phil has had dogs all his life, but they were in the main, older rescue dogs, and the wife’s experience was limited to Tim. A puppy is a new experience for both of them, and an experience it certainly turns out to be.
There are plenty of incidents to cope with as their new puppy grows up, many of which contribute to the slow deterioration of their newly renovated home."

This was a fun and quick read. Anyone with any experience bringing a new puppy into their home will definitely relate to the trials and tribulations, and those many endearing moments a new puppy brings. I am absolutely sure that somewhere in the many anecdotes involving Kopek and also those of his other furry housemates, you will find something that will make you laugh, and also gasp. You will quite likely be reminded of one of your own favoured pets. The pictures of Kopek are a wonderful addition and I only wished there were more that maybe included him amidst some of his handiwork. With all the mischief of an unrepentant child, Kopek will steal your heart.

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Phil Owens said...

Just to let you know, that Kopek the Destroyer will be on general sale in a months time. Meanwhile advance copies can be bought from the author's website at: