Monday, December 29, 2008

The Life and Times of Lawrence of Arabia by J. Anderson Black

I've always had a fascination with Lawrence of Arabia. Who wouldn't after seeing Peter O'Toole's portrayal in the movie. When I first saw the movie, it inspired me to draw, but seeing it again recently, it inspired me to want to read more. Consequently I've searched out a couple of books. The first is this one, The Life and Times of Lawrence of Arabia by J. Anderson Black which I aquired through BookMooch.

What a cute little book! It's hardcover, and tiny, not only in size, but is only 72 pages long. I read it in short order of course and was as captivated as always with Lawrence's story. I did find that the book covered his life in good detail, mentioning some things that were only alluded to in the movie. The pictures included were a nice surprise. Although Lawrence is most famous for his activities involvingthe Arab revolt against Turkish rule in World War I, there was much more to this fascinating man.

There were many interesting tidbits that have increased my desire to learn more, and I look forward to my second book arriving soon.

If you have an interest in Lawrence's story, or the politics of the Middle East and Arabia, this book is a quick and concise read.

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