Monday, December 29, 2008

The Red Siren: Charles Towne Belles by M.L.Tyndall

This was a fun and amusing read. A Christian romance involving a wayward female pirate and a god-fearing officer of the Royal Navy who is out to capture her in more ways than one. One of the things I found amusing was the female pirate. There was something very modern about her attitude and perspective that didn't quite fit with the times the story was set in. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it did add an element of enjoyment to the story. I also found her sisters to be quite a bit more independent than I would have expected for the times.

The story is well written with the requisite trials and tribulations and the nefarious suitor who is after the hand of the heroine dispite the fact that she makes it well-known to him that his intentions are unwelcome. He provides the means by which the pirate-lady is led back to her faith in God. She then comes to rely on Him and her faith and finds that through God all things will work out in the end.

All in all an enjoyable, light-hearted read.

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