Sunday, December 7, 2008

Waiting For Coyotes Call: An Eco-memoir from the Missori River Bluff by Jerry Wilson

A book worth reading. A book with a message. A book worth the time to absorb and understand. I found this book to be as much a memoir of the land itself as it was a story of the author's life on the Missouri River Bluff. It is clear from the beginning that Jerry Wilson loves the land and enjoys all that it has to offer. And the Missouri River Bluff has plenty as we find out!

It's hard to pick any one point that I enjoyed in this book. There were many. The description of the construction of his eco-friendly house interspersed with the many little historical tidbits was fascinating. His ramblings around the property and the many opportunities to observe the abundance of native wildlife, birds and plant life and the attention and care he gives to them. (Being a bird-lover myself, I found myself wishing for pictures!) His obvious love and caring for the land and his desire to do what he can to benefit the eco-system. It is very evident throughout the book that it is well-researched and presented in a comfortable and friendly manner.

This book inspired me. It also had me wondering what it would be like if our school texts presented this kind of subject matter in this manner....

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Martyn said...

Thanks for reviewing Jerry's book Kathyrn. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and the review is glowing, which is always nice! Just in case you are interested, Jerry has been running his own blog for a while. It can be found at this address.