Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Shania Twain Story: On Her Way by Scott Gray

An interesting book about one of Canada's superstar performers. This is an un-authorized biography quite obviously developed from available public information. Regardless, it is still interesting and gives us a bit of insite, all in one place, into Shania Twain and her rise to fame. And who wouldn't want to know more. After all, she appears to have it all! Beauty, great voice, savvy business sense, innovative songwriter. Although she has worked and struggled on her own to make it in the country music industry, she also has a husband who compliments her and is able to support and promote her strengths as well. The book is a good gathering of public facts, but is not current, having been published in 1998. A lot has happened since then, including the birth of their child, and the latest that Shania and Mutt have separated and are divorcing.

A lot of this book is familiar and although it doesn't mention it specifically, there is also an un-authorized biographical movie that is practically a mirror image of this book. Possibly the movie was developed from the book? Shania's story is every bit as interesting as any other country music star. I will be even more interested in reading the authorized biography whenever it comes out. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy her music!

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