Monday, June 20, 2011

Island in the Sky by Ernest K. Gann

Although this book is around 60 yrs old, at this time, the story is still vibrant and alive! The author, Ernest K. Gann, takes you into the heart of what being a pilot is. The comraderie, the love of flying, the risks taken and lengths they were willing to go to to save one of their own. The story is set during WWII when even airline pilots were called to duty, flying to support the war effort. When one of their own goes down in bad weather and an unknown location, they all come together to search for the crew with a "never say die" attitude. If you have a love of flying, if you understand what brings a pilot to the skies, then don't miss this book.

*PS. Many thanks to Karl Friedrich for reminding me of this great author! I'll be on the lookout for more books by Ernest K. Gann.

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