Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Scent of Jasmine by Jude Deveraux

This is the fifth book in the Edilean Series. The first three were great, but I think this one is even better. Now that I've sort of figured out the back and forth in history, I'm enjoying the series more. I think each book could be read on it's own, or in a different order with the same enjoyment. I loved the development of the relationship between Cay and Alex. The story moved quickly and the plot outcome unexpected...well, until we get to the boy and girl live happily ever after part. :) Book 4 is a Vook which I am not able to view and so I'm sorry that I'll be missing that part of the story, but not sure if it matters. Since this book was so great, I'm eagerly awaiting book 6, due out in Aug. 2011. I'll be interested to see where Ms Deveraux takes the story next.

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