Saturday, February 14, 2009

City Above The Sea And Other Poems by Stephen Alan Saft

A book of poetry. Easy to read and like most books of poetry, not all will be liked or enjoyed by everyone. Some of the poems didn't quite catch my attention, however, there were others that spoke to me, bringing back memories that I could relate to the poems, or in the case of a couple, so discriptive that I could almost be there. 'To An Old Professer Wherever" reminded me of an english teacher who made a huge impression on me and encouraged my reading habits! 'The Cucumber Plant To The Sun' and 'Tomatoes' brought images. textures and tastes to mind. I could almost smell them growing and could definitely picture them in my minds eye. 'Solomon Bricker' is one that required the reader to think, and 'New York In Winter' amused me for some reason. 'Memories of a Father' struck a little close to home and with a few changes here and there, it could be for my own Father. For some reason, 'Blacksmith' also reminded me of my Father. I liked 'What Will Be' just because.

If you enjoy poetry, then you might want to give this one a try.

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