Friday, February 6, 2009

Letters From New Orleans by Rob Walker

What a treat this was! To re-visit New Orleans through Rob Walker's eyes was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every part of this book. It had me wishing I had explored more and gotten to know more of the local people during my short stay there. Not to worry, tho, as I'm already planning a trip back.

Rob Walker spent about 3 years living in and exploring New Orleans, but he didn't just do the touristy things. He delved into a little of what makes New Orleans tick. A little history, a little politics, and a lot of day to day experiences.

And as they say in this quote from his book, quoting The Time Out Guide to New Orleans: "Orleanians are proud of their culture. Visitors are expected to be as enthusiastic about the city as the natives are. If you like the city, tell everyone; if you're not happy in New Orleans, keep it to yourself." I loved the city, and loved this book!


Jo-Jo said...

I have never been to New Orleans but it sure sounds like a fun place! Sounds like an interesting book....thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the good word!

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