Sunday, February 1, 2009

Diary of a Blues Goddess by Erica Orloff

First of all I have to say I enjoyed this book for it's setting in New Orleans and the memories provoked. It did however bring back a wish that I had been able to go to The House of Blues while I was there. This book is just a little taste of New Orleans and the music it is famous for.

Diary of a Blues Goddess is a little bit romance, a little bit chic lit, and a little bit paranormal, but what else would you expect in New Orleans! Of course there has to be blues, jazz, ghosts, beignets, a little bit of plantations, a lot of the French Quarter and loads of wonderful characters. It is well named as a Diary and revolves around Georgia and the events leading to her realization that yes she can sing the blues....and she is a 'Blues Goddess'. That's not really a spoiler, tho, as it's nothing more than what's implied in the title.

So, yes, I recommend that you join Georgia in her quest to sing the blues, and meet all her interesting and flamboyant friends, lovers and relatives, and while you're there, have a little taste of New Orleans!

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