Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Orleans Requiem by D. J. Donaldson

I loved the New Orleans memories this book brought back. Almost everywhere the characters went, I could envision. That being said, I didn't ever see any murders while I was there and one can only be thankful for that! This was a very well-written murder mystery and I'm sorry to say that it is now out of print. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of D.J.Donaldson's work. In checking his website, I found that this particular series of books are all out of print. I find that sad as I enjoyed it so much.

The book is part of a series of Andy Broussard/Kit Franklin mysteries. In this one, a serial murder appears in New Orleans at the same time as a convention of forensic specialists. Kit and Andy work with the local law enforcement, and a couple of their forensic friends to solve the murder.
I recommend this book and wish everyone interested in reading it luck in your search. Meanwhile I'm starting my search for others in the series!

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